Teaching volleyball and life lessons while developing character, Integrity and Honor

​"hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard"

Character, Integrity, Honor, Life Lessons!

12u AAU 2015 National Championships


Our 12u team finishes 3rd overall in the 2015 AAU National Championships Classic Div.

17u AAU 2017 National Championships


 An Incredible four day match record of 12-1. Finishing 1st overall in the Silver Classic Division. 9th overall in 2017 AAU National Championships

17u AAU 2020 National Championships

7-18-2020 Two AAU All American All Stars for 17u! Only 6 players awarded this Honor per division.

AAU 2016 National Championships All American ALL Stars


 Three Tampa Titans receive All Tournament Honors at the 2016 AAU National Championships!

Club Profile

17u AAU 2016 National Championships

6-18-2016 17u warming up for the 17u AAU National Championship Final!

17u AAU 2016 National Championships


 This team beat all the odds and made it to Finals in the 2016 AAU National Championships 17-Classic Div. 2nd overall!

ESPN Wide World of Sports 15u


Disney Classic at ESPN. 15u bringing home the hardware

It all started with a single jump among volleyball families in Tampa. ​

 The Tampa Titans are a Character based junior volleyball club. Our players are taught winning volleyball concepts and techniques while sharing valuable life lessons that will benefit the players for years, after they have left the court.

No Diva attitudes, No one player greater than the team. We learn, practice and compete as a cohesive group which stresses: honor, integrity and teamwork.... both on and off the court.  We save the Drama for the other clubs.

Inspired and created by families to offer Tampa a CHARACTER driven volleyball club that is affordable and enjoyable for both the athlete and the family! 

We  work hard every day to make a difference in a young athlete's life. 

“All of us do not have equal talent,” said President John F. Kennedy, “but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent.” 

The Tampa Titans, by serving all children who wish to play volleyball, provide a winning formula that serves the public interest. 

  • The young athletes win because the challenges, successes, and disappointments of athletic competition help them grow. 
  • The Parents win because sports provide their children lifelong memories of victory and defeat shared with family and friends. 
  • The community wins because values learned in sports help build solid citizens, many of whom remain in the community to raise families years later. 
  • America wins because these values help shape the next generation, long after the scores of distant games have faded from memory. 

"Play together, play for each other, come to play, and play to win, but above all, play with passion". Coach Jeffrey Saxton

USAV Florida Championships 17u


1st place 17u. This was the 5th straight tournament championship for this team

  • Not for Profit Affiliate of the AAU
  • Member USAV
  • Member AAU
  • Indoor and sand volleyball
  • Hosted Tournaments indoor and sand
  • Mary Help of Christian Center main practice facility.
  • Satellite Locations: Brandon Carrollwood, Land-O-Lakes, Lutz, Temple Terrace


Founded: 2013

Director: Jeffrey Saxton

Certifications: Safesport, USAV Indoor Impact, USAV Outdoor Impact, Positive Coaching Alliance. PGA of America


Areas of expertise: Indoor and Outdoor (sand) volleyball training, college recruitment, competition, tournament management, coaching and mentoring. Beginner thru advanced skill levels for all ages. Professional Certified coaches.

Some of our National Winners

17u AAU 2020 National Championships


 Great accomplishment for a team filled with 15u and 16u players!!!  Only 5 practices together because of the Covid-19