Teaching volleyball and life lessons while developing character, Integrity and Honor

​"hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard"

An important note from the Director​

The Tampa Titans strongly believe that it takes more than just a good club or coach to make a player better. It is the responsibility of the parent to also support the club, the coach and the team once they have joined the Tampa Titans. If the family and home environment is a positive and encouraging atmosphere, then the the athlete/player will embrace the Titan experience, including listening to the coaches and working hard to become a better teammate, player and overall person, on and off the court. If the parent, or family environment, is negative in any way towards the Coach , the team, an individual player or the Titan organization, the athlete/player will also be affected by this negativity. This will cause the athlete/player to loose interest in the process , the team, the coach and the organization. Ultimately, the parent and family have as much influence on the athlete/player as do the coaches, the team and the Titan organization. The Tampa Titans recognize the importance of a positive environment that has a supportive and encouraging learning process....both on and off the court. Please help us to make the athlete/player experience the best possible by becoming a strong supporter of the Titans during your child's club experience.  POSITIVE Life learning experiences are gained on and OFF the court!

Where are practices held ? How often?

     The Tampa Titans practice in 4 different facilities to better serve the greater Tampa area in addition to Pasco, Hernando,Pinellas and Polk counties. Players have an opportunity to join a team that practices closer to home if available. USAV teams practice 2 times per week usually  immediately following Christmas. Prior to Christms practices will vary due to the holidays and gym availability. AAU teams practice once a week prior to January and then 1-2 times per week. Practice days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and on some occasions, Fridays. during the holidays we may also have some weekend bonus practices(optional due to families on vacation and travel).

Can I make installment payments for club dues ?  

There is an installment plan for club dues. Those that pay in full by December 7th receive the best value (up to a 10% discount). Installment plans have a higher cost than the single pay option due before Dec. 7th. 

***The Titans are also a Not for Profit affiliate of the AAU. This allows any family to raise 100% of the club fees via tax deductible donations from local or National businesses and business owners. Contact the Director for more details.

Do all Titan teams play the same schedule?   

No. The top teams will compete at the higher level events. Other teams will play in smaller events that will allow them to be more competitive.

Does every team compete in Nationals ?​  

 No. Teams compete at Nationals based on season record, team competitiveness, individual positions, skill level and willingness to participate in the longer commitment needed for Nationals. We hold tryouts for AAU National teams and encourage all current Titans to participate. We will also invite players from outside the club to participate in AAU National team tryouts. Some of our most best competitive and successful teams have been composed of players from several teams, age groups and outside of the club. The Titans have been successful at AAU Nationals using this blueprint for success and will continue to do so. If we have enough skilled players interested in the same age group, we will send multiple teams in the same age group. There is NO Guarantee of playing time at AAU Nationals. Current cost for the AAU National Championships is $500.00 per player (does not cover travel, food or lodging).

What is the clubs practice attendance/court time policy ?   

When a player joins the Tampa Titans, it is with the understanding that attending practices is conditional to membership. Practices are THE MOST significant part of what you are paying for in fees. You are not paying for playing time in tournaments! You pay for advanced training in practice.....Practice is where techniques are taught, and skills are learned. Practices are where players come together to grow as a team, develop high character, learn thru mistakes and create bonds with teammates. If someone misses a practice, it hurts team and personal development. Having said that, there may be a time when a practice is missed. For example, if a student athlete is absent from school on a particular day due to an illness, we would accept that illness as a valid excuse if a practice is missed.  Over Thanksgiving break and the weeks prior to Christmas are also difficult times for families to attend  all practices.

  • Missing practice: The player must contact the coach to make him/her aware of this absence, as it could impact the practice strategy for that evening. We strongly believe ‘that school comes first. (But we also believe that students need to use their abilities in time management to attend school, attend practices, and complete studies responsibly. Having an exam the next day or a project due, IS NOT perceived as a valid excuse for missing practice. Players miss personal development and the team misses team development). Attendance is expected 100% of the time for our limited practice schedule.
  • Attendance at all tournaments is also expected by all players. If, for some reason you cannot attend a tournament you must give your coach  a minimum of two weeks advance notice. Playing part time in a tournament is not acceptable. Commitment is for the entire tournament duration. If a player cannot commit to an entire tournament, his/her playing time will then be diminished for the tournament. It is unfair to the team and its chemistry to not be available for an entire scheduled tournament.
  • We plan on scheduling at least one tournament a year that will last three days. In this case, the absence from school to participate in the scheduled event is expected. These tournaments are scheduled months in advance and all players should schedule themselves accordingly.
  • Our season technically starts immediately after Christmas with scheduled practices. Players that attend all of their scheduled practices can then, as a reward/bonus, attend other teams practice with the Directors approval. PLAYERS CAN NOT PRACTICE WITH ANOTHER TEAM to MAKE UP Lost practice time from missed team practices. If a player misses a team practice he must complete a full week of team practice before she can participate in another teams practice. There are no exceptions to this club policy. Practices are canceled from time to time for various reasons. If your practice is canceled, for whatever reason, you still are not allowed to practice with another team as a make up. Bonus practices are a reward for attending all of your own scheduled practices. It sends the wrong message to your team if you miss a team practice and then attend another teams practice. Practice with your team first and foremost. Any Player that Misses a practice the week prior to a tournament will, at a minimum, sit out at least one set during the tournament.

How is playing time handled ? 

  Most parents want or expect their child to play all the time during tournament play. We hope the following will resolve most concerns .  

  • All players should get equal practice time. Practices are the significant part of what you are paying for in club fees. How a player performs in practice dictates how much playing time they receive in tournaments.
  • All of our practices are open to parents, family and friends to attend. We encourage the parents to stay and watch practice! We often provide seats for your use (sites vary) If a parent attends practice on a regular basis, they are often times acutely aware of the performance of their child and (the parents) will help in the child's development. If you only attend tournaments, you never really know what the team is working on, or how your child is developing with the team.  PLEASE keep in mind that open practice does not mean that parents, family and friends can interfere with activities on the court or disrupt a practice by approaching coaches or players durning the scheduled practices! PLEASE do not interfere with a coach or player during scheduled practice times.
  • We will give no guarantee of playing time for any player. Coaches will offer fair playing time to each team player. Fair is not equal, we will play your son/daughter as much as possible taking into consideration:  practice attendance,  skill level, effort in practice, competition, position, attitude, are they coachable?, are they great teammates? How do they handle adversity? 

Are teams permanent?

 NO, No and no! Players can and will be moved between teams during the season if the coaches feel it is beneficial to the clubs overall success.

Is my position guaranteed? 

 NO, Every player improves at a different speed, some faster than others. Every player has the opportunity to play any position on the court at any time. The coach will place players in positions based on what they feel will give the team the best chance to win. Just because you played a certain position on your school team doesn't mean you will play the same position on your club team. If there are 3 outside hitters, the top 2 will play the match and number 3 will play a different position or play on a different level of team. If the number 3 outside hitter becomes better than the number 2 hitter, then the number 3 becomes the number 2!

Our goal is to perform our very best at every tournament. With this in mind, we expect all players to show: commitment, a desire to improve,  positive relationships, Positive body language, positive expressions and interaction, intense concentration and being task-oriented.

What is the Cell phone policy?  

 Absolutely NO Cell phones allowed in the gymnasium. They MUST be in the back packs and turned off. You must ask permission to use your phone and can only use it outside of the gymnasium. This goes for practice and tournaments.  Phone usage creates a wall between players, coaches and friends. We expect all of our players and coaches to develop open conversations that lead to stronger relationships and team bonding. 

Is there a Social Media Policy?  

Yes, and this is very simple..... No Tampa Titan player, Parent, sibling relative or friend can post anything negative about another individual or organization on any form of Social Media. Any violations of this can lead to immediate dismissal from the Titan organization. Social media is dangerous! Do not allow you or any Titan to become a cancer in Social Media. Positive only .

How are line-ups determined?

The most competitive line-ups are used to put all of our teams in a position to compete.  A player can sit out an entire set or even a match. It is the coaches decision!  It is considered "improper" for a parent to request a coach to explain why he or she made a decision to determine playing time or substitution patterns.  The player and only the player can discuss playing time and coaching decisions with a coach. The club and its coaches will not discuss playing time at a tournament. The time and place for the player  to discuss playing time is at  practice following the tournament, with their individual coach. Either before or after practice. You must contact the coach in advance and ask for the meeting.

How do the Titans handle disputes?  

 If there are any disputes or concerns, for any reason, these  are the steps that need to be taken: 1) A Player must approach their coach about the matter, either before or after practice and NEVER at a Tournament. Contact the coach in advance to schedule a time and let the coach Know what you wish to discuss. 2) If the dispute is not resolved by the coach and the player, then the parent must schedule a meeting where the player, parent and coach  are all present. The player MUST be present for any meetings to occur.  The director can and will attend the meeting if the coach and parent feel it is needed. All decisions will be made by the  Tampa Titans Coaches and Director(s).  Decisions are final and conclusive. These meetings will never take place at a tournament site or during practice.​

Do Parents have a code of conduct?   

 Yes, Parents DO have a code of conduct when they become Titans, as well as siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Nannies and family friends.

  • The Titans are Character based. We teach Honor, Integrity and expect everyone to follow this concept.
  • Negative comments are not conducive to the well being of any player. Whether those comments are made directly at a player, at the coach, to another Titan member or family member, or at the opponents. This concept is also extended to officials, coaches and fans from other teams.
  • As a Titan you are expected to be better than those around you. Lead by example. If conflict should arise during a tournament, simply remind the offending person about the USAV code of conduct and walk away. If you cannot walk away, report the individual to the tournament desk.
  • No Titan is allowed to be negative around players, officials, coaches parents, friends and family, on both sides of the net. If you are in the presence of someone that is being negative simply remind them of our(Titans) code of conduct and report them immediately to the Titan Directors!

What is the 24 hour rule?  

 Parents/Players cannot approach a coach or director with a dispute 24 hours BEFORE, DURING or after a tournament or practice. Please refer back to the dispute policy for proper steps.

  • 24 hours always helps to deflate the issues and often times what appears major at the time becomes a very minor issue when more information is gathered over time.
  • Email, or text the coach first and foremost and ask for a meeting to discuss your concern. Make sure to let them know what are your concerns  so that they may be prepared. Player MUST be present at any meeting.
  • Coaches and Directors should never be approached or phoned to discuss issues without a prior request. This is vital to the process. The coach and Director always will need time to gather as much information as needed to discuss the player or parents concern. This is non-negotiable and a requirement of every Titan player and family member. 
  • If the coach or director(s) feel that they were attacked by a parent with an issue, the director(s) has the say in sitting the player for a set or match during that tournament or the next. This alleviates confrontation during the tournaments when the coaches and director(s) are busy working with the players.
  • The Directors will never discuss coaching decisions with a parent.

Scheduled payments:  

 This is very simple. All payments must be made on time and in full based on the current fees and payment schedule. Any player that is not up to date on all fees and costs will NOT be ALLOWED to practice or play in any tournaments until all past due amounts are paid in full.

We are a member club of the Florida Region of USA Volleyball. 
As a player you may stop any unwanted contact from a club representative by simply asking (either verbally or in writing) that all contact cease. Any player believing a club representative of any Florida Region volleyball club has been intimidating, harassing, or acted inappropriately in any manner of contact or recruiting should contact the Florida Region office at (352) 742-0080Type your paragraph here.