​ 2021/2022 Club Fees:

  • Club Teams Cost
  1. USAV/AAU Travel teams  $3200.00**  (8-9 events)
  2. AAU Regional teams  $1575.00** (5 events)
  3. Mini Club  $450.00 by check, $475.00 by Credit Card
  • Sport Pack  $250.00 (custom jerseys, backpack, embroidered team jacket, long sleeve warm up shirt, practice t-shirt)
  • Sand session  $450.00 by check, $475.00 by credit card
  • National Championships roster fee $500.00 (this is completely separate from normal club fees, requires an invitation from the Director)

  • **Single pay option** (pay in full by cash, check) Best Value
  • ***Hybrid team*** includes indoor and high intensity sand training
  • CC single pay (includes processing fees)
  • Payment plan by check   (includes admin fees)
  • Payment plan by Credit Card or Paypal(includes processing fee with CC/PayPal payments)
  • All payments are Non-Refundable.


Teaching volleyball and life lessons while developing character, Integrity and Honor

​"hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard"