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All age Players USAV Tryouts: August 18th   

Academy at the Lakes High School Gymnasium

  • August 18th High School age USAV tryouts. 7:15 PM , Academy at the Lakes gymnasium
  • August 18th Middle School and younger 10-14 year old players 5 PM  at AATL
  • 2019/2020 Club Season ​ USAV Travel, AAU Regional, Mini Club, Fall Ball
  • ​Fall Ball Tryouts August 14th, 2019 6:00 PM TBBCC
  • Mini Club  Tryouts August 14th, 2019 6:00 PM TBBCC

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Parents and Players:

The USAV of Florida tryout rules:.

Tryouts can be held at anytime!  Please keep in mind..... No USAV athlete can commit to a club until they sign the OFFICIAL USAV commitment form on or after Oct 1st, 2018

What does this mean: 

No player is guaranteed a certain roster spot or even club membership until the player is allowed to sign the USAV official Florida  commitment form (can only be signed on or after Oct 1st 2018). The Florida USAV will NOT get involved with any personal business/legal agreements made between a club and a player. 

Please take your time when choosing a club. Tryout for more than a single club before making an informed decision.

USAV CLUB RULES FOR THE 2018/2019 Season… 

1. Tryouts may take place at any time of the year for youth and junior athletes.
2. Athletes may officially select and commit to a USAV club in Florida beginning on Oct 1st of each year. 
3. Athletes must sign a Florida Region player commitment form on or after Nov 1st to affirm their club of choice. The form will reside with the club and must be made available within 3 business days upon request by the Florida Region. Note: Only current year player commitment forms issued by the Florida Region will be considered valid. Prior year forms will be invalid. 
4. Athletes may only affiliate with one club during the indoor club season (see season definitions below). 
5. All athletes renewing their USAV memberships between Sep 1 & Oct 1 will only be able to select UNDECIDED in WebPoint as their club of choice. 
6. Once an athlete selects a club in WebPoint during the Indoor Club Season, they will only be able to transfer to another USAV club after obtaining a written release from the club they wish to depart. Athlete’s not committed via a Florida Region player commitment form, will be transferred without the requirement of a written release. Once an athlete participates in a JNQ or qualifying event, they are no longer eligible to be transferred to and rostered with another junior volleyball club. 
7. In the event that a club elects not to release an athlete, but is unable to provide proof of any of the following: 
    a. A spot on an age appropriate team with at least 6 athletes and a qualified coach
    b. A team that is accepted into at least two USAV sanctioned tournaments 
    c. A team that holds active practices for the team The athlete will be released  without the requirement of a written release from the USAV club so that they may get the full benefits of their USAV membership. 

Note: Clubs must provide verifiable proof to the Florida Region office within 3 business days of the request. 

Note: All personal business/legal commitments made between the club and the family will remain the responsibility of the related parties. The Florida Region will not be responsible for enforcing private agreements. 

Important Note: Florida Region reserves the right to release athletes after a formal review by the Jr. Admin Board. Additionally, we need to clearly define the seasons for youth and junior female athletes in the Florida Region:

•Indoor Friendship/Mini-Club Season – Aug 1 to Oct 31 
• Indoor Club Season – Nov 1 to JRC or JNC, whichever one is later for the respective athlete 
• Beach Season – May 1 to Oct 31 

This tryout policy for junior girls is to become effective immediately for the season and for all subsequent years until updated or revised by the Florida Region Board of Directors.